Dimensions of Task-based Language Learning and Teaching

posted by Jürgen Kurtz, Karlsruhe University of Education, Germany

– task-based instruction
– task-based learning
– task-based language learning
– task-based language education
– task-based language learning and teaching
– task-based, task-oriented, task-supported, task-driven
– task design, task complexity, task sequencing, task cycle
– focus on form, focus on message, role of the mother tongue
– target tasks, pedagogical tasks, rehearsal tasks, activation tasks
– accuracy, fluency, complexity, appropriateness
– projects, tasks, activities, exercises
– task performance and assessment

Are you familiar with current research on task-based language learning and teaching? If not, here are a few presentations that give you an idea of what it is about:

David Nunan: Task-based language teaching: from theory to classroom practice

Kris Van den Branden: Task-based language education: from theory to practice .. and back again

Rod Ellis: Task-based language teaching: sorting out the misunderstandings

Paul Knight: Task-based learning: myth or reality?

Greg Ogilvie & Bill Dunn: Taking teacher education to task


5 responses to “Dimensions of Task-based Language Learning and Teaching

  1. Dear Mr Kurtz,
    thanks for compiling this page with PPTs on TBLT. They are well worth a read – and even more.
    Thanks again!

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  3. Thanks for the PPT links, they are most helpful. I’m currently writing a paper on TBI, discussing Swan and Seedhouse’s claims against TBI.
    Best wishes…

    • Dear Tabitha,

      Thank you very much for your comment! I’m very interested in getting to know about your research findings (perhaps, on this blog?).


  4. Thank you so much. At the moment, I research the use of TBLT in kindergarten. The links are really helpful.
    Elingo student/ Freiburg

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