Third International Conference on Task-based Language Teaching

posted by Jürgen Kurtz, Karlsruhe University of Education, Germany

The 3rd Biennial International Conference on Task-based Language Teaching will be held at the University of Lancaster, September 13-16, 2009. It is intended to bring together researchers and educators from around the world “to share and learn from one another’s innovations and research in task-based language teaching”. The conference theme is “Tasks: Context, Purpose and Use”. Special emphasis is placed on the following topics:

  • Curriculum, syllabus and course design
  • Evaluation, assessment, and testing
  • Information technologies
  • Language corpora
  • Language learning and language use
  • Pedagogy
  • Professional needs
  • Research paradigms
  • Socio-contextual factors
  • Teacher development
  • The learner
  • For more specific information, click on the link above.


    2 responses to “Third International Conference on Task-based Language Teaching

    1. This conference sounds like a wonderful idea. As a potential foreign language educator, I could really see myself benefitting from it. I especially like that the conference addresses information technologies and socio-contextual factors. As the world becomes smaller and smaller, those who teach foreign language must be up to date with new advances in technology. Furthermore, if one is educated about socio-contextual factors of a particular language, he has a lot more to offer to his students making the learning process more interesting and worthwhile. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to attend this conference.

    2. Santosh Mahapatra

      I would love to know about every single issue discussed in the conference. I sincerely hope, this conference will benefit many researchers like me working in the same field. At a crucial juncture when contextual pedagogy is dominating the teaching-learning scenario, the conference will be immence help.

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